First Shot of Steve from ‘Secret Millionaire’

Steve’s co-star Siobhan Williams recently shared a quick ADR still of her with Steve from their film Secret Millionaire which is still currently in post-production. No idea when it’ll be released or in what format but in the meantime, check out the photo below.

Did some ADR for #secretmillionaire today. @leven_stund , either I am an ant or you are a bear. Or both.

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‘Tap House’ Behind The Scenes + Trailer Captures

I’ve taken the time to add high quality captures from the sizzler trailer for Tap House and the character trailer for Steve’s character as well into the gallery. Be sure to check out a couple behind the scene photos courtesy of the Tap House Official Facebook.

‘Tap House’ Trailer + Meet Dane (Videos)

Hey guys! Be sure to check out the trailer for the recent comedy pilot Steve is featured in called Tap House! It looks absolutely hilarious, and honestly I cannot wait to see more!

Be sure to follow the show on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news!

Meet Dane, played by Steve Lund.

Personal Trainer by day, Bartender by night. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Dane has all the confidence in the world when it comes to the ladies. He loves a good laugh, but often finds himself on the tail end of Riley and Scott’s practical jokes.

Reign Season 4 Adds Bitten Alumni Steve Lund in Recurring Role

Congratulations to Steve on the role! Looking forward to seeing you on the show.

Bitten alum Steve Lund has booked a recurring role in the upcoming fourth season the CW drama series Reign. Lund will play Luc, a sexy, highborn rogue who is also a plain speaking realist. He’s a good guy who happens to have a morally compromised and very powerful father: Lord Stephan Narcisse (Craig Parker). But he is his own man, eyeing his own future, even as his father pressures him to make lasting and permanent inroads with the French royal family. Specifically, Narcisse wants his son at Princess Claude’s (Rose Williams) side. Luc’s arrival on our canvas will complicate Claude’s life in ways she could never have imagined. Lund is best known for his lead role of Nick Sorrentino on Syfy series Bitten and as a recurring on CBC’s Schitt’s Creek. He’s repped by Untitled Entertainment, Gersh and The Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency.


Bitten: 3×09 ‘Shock the System’ & 3×10 ‘Truth, Changes, Everything’ Captures

I’ve finally added HD captures of Steve from the final two episodes of Bitten into the gallery. Sorry for the delay you guys! Life has been very distracting lately.

Bitten: 3×10 ‘Truth, Changes, Everything’ Episodic Still

Check out a still of Steve from the series finale of Bitten which airs on April 16th on Space & April 18th on SyFy.

Bitten: 3×08 ‘Tili Tili Bom’ Captures

I’ve added HD captures of Steve from the eighth episode of Bitten into the gallery.

Schitt’s Creek: 2×13 ‘Happy Anniversary’ Captures

I’ve added captures of Steve from his guest role on the season two finale of Schitt’s Creek. Check them out in the gallery below:

Steve Talks ‘Flung’ with CP24 Breakfast (Video & Captures)

Steve Talks ‘Flung’ with CP24 Breakfast (Video & Captures)

Steve was joined by his Flung co-star Meghan Heffern as they stopped by CP24 Breakfast in Toronto yesterday to discuss the film, which is set to premiere at the 2016 Canadian Film Fest this week. Check out the video below if you missed it!

Bitten: 3×07 ‘On The Brink’ Captures

I’ve added HD captures of Steve from the latest episode of Bitten into the gallery.

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