Fast Facts

Full Name: Steven Lund
Date of Birth: January 9th, 1989
Height: 6’3
Siblings: 2 sisters
Location of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Resides: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue/Green

Additional Facts

  • Steve is the middle child of three siblings. An older sister and a younger one.
  • Steve was the lead singer in a high school band called “The Steve Lund Experience.”
  • He would love to play the role of a rock stars from the 70’s one day.
  • Bitten marks the second time that Steve has worked with Laura Vandervoort. The first was in Haven, where they played husband and wife; James and Arla Cogan.
  • Claims his “Super Power” is that his thumbs bend backwards.
  • Says his mother is his hero.
  • His TV guilty pleasure was Oprah.
  • Favorite chick flick is “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days”
  • On his day off he likes to watch Netflix in his underpants
  • Said he’s afraid of “some” bugs. Specifically earwigs
  • He can also whistle really well. Said he likes to whistle guitar solos of rock classics.
  • Celeb crush is Jessica Biel
  • He’d love to work with Sam Rockwell