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‘Christmas Incorporated’ Captures

I’ve added 702 HD captures of Steve as William Young in the Hallmark Original movie Christmas Incorporated which premiered on November 15th. You can check those out in our gallery now.

Christmas Incorporated: On-Set Interviews

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‘Christmas Incorporated’ Promos & Stills

‘Christmas Incorporated’ Promos & Stills

Check out high-quality production stills and promotional photos of Steve as William Young in the Hallmark Channel original film Christmas Incorporated which premieres on November 15th!

Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Incorporated’ Promo & Synopsis

Christmas Incorporated will premiere on November 15th on The Hallmark Channel!

Riley Vance is given the job of a lifetime just before Christmas: working as William Young’s personal assistant at Young Industries. It could not have come at a better time since she was about to move back home if she couldn’t find a job. However, when she realizes that she was hired after a case of mistaken identity, she is forced to keep the truth a secret or she risks losing her job. If she loses her job, then the town she’s trying to convince William to save could lose everything. With only a few days until the holidays, Riley decides to stay quiet until she can save the town even though she is getting closer to William himself.