Street Legal: 1×03-1×06 Screen Captures

I’ve added over 1,500+ HD screen captures of Steve as Adam Darling from the final 4 episodes of Street Legal into the gallery. Check them out below:

Photos: ‘Art of Us’ (2017) Movie Captures

Hey guys! I’m still catching up on adding screen captures of Steve from his recent films these past few years. So in light of that little tidbit, I’ve added HD screen captures of Steve as Tom Becker from the 2017 Hallmark Original film Art of Us which also starred Taylor Cole.

You can view those screen captures in the gallery now.

Affection (2018) Short Film (Screen Captures + Video)

For those who didn’t know, Steve took part of a short film last year titled Affection which he also helped produced. The film is about a woman that has been fighting with self-doubt all her life with nowhere to call home until she’s faced with a conquest that results in something much more, thanks to her facing a raw feeling she’s rarely faced before: affection.

The short film was written and directed by Tricia Lee who had this to say when asked about the casting of the film in an interview with

indieactivity: Did you start writing with a cast (You or any) in mind?
Tricia Lee: I did not have anyone in mind when writing. I like the characters to grow into who they want to be on the page before inhabiting them in a body and giving them a face. I am not an actor, so it definitely would not be me starring in it! But I did find the perfect people to play the characters of Laina and Tyler.

Steve Lund had an older look than I had originally conceived the character to be but when his agent sent his portfolio to me, I knew immediately that I needed to change the role to fit him. I wrote Steve a personal letter to convince him to be in the film and he wrote me back the sweetest letter, accepting. I later found out that he had written the letter without even reading the script! You would recognize Steve from Bitten, Reign and Schitt’s Creek.

You can watch the 9 minute short film below, in addition to the HD screen captures in the gallery now.

Disclaimer: This film is NSFW at the beginning.

Photos: ‘Crossfire’ (2016) Screen Captures

Hey guys! I’ve added HD screen captures of Steve as Jimmy Cooper from the 2016 film Crossfire which was originally titled Flashback before it later aired on Lifetime Movie Network.

You can view those screen captures in the gallery now.